Welcome notes from the director of DEOS

Dear Students,
The role of the Department of Language Education and Sport (DEOS) is essential during your studies. The professional teaching team provides quality foreign language education for Bulgarian and foreign students, which opens the door for full cooperation with the international scientific medical community and the presentation of the achievements and developments of MU-Sofia students at prestigious scientific forums. The acquired knowledge of the Bulgarian language of the foreign students contributes to their successful integration into our society. Competences in Latin contribute to the completeness of your medical training. The DEOS annually holds a Linguistic Universiade, which is an anticipated scientific event for all students who demonstrate their scientific work in the field of Medical Humanities, Dental and Pharmacological Problems in English, German and French, Presentation of Medical Knowledge through Bulgarian.
The sports activities of DEOS build the sports spirit, form the physical culture and unite the students through coaching and sports competition activities and outdoor training in summer and winter sports.
It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on the occasion of the new academic year and present the revamped website of the Department of Language Education and Sports. There you can find all the programs, class schedules, camp information, and lots of other useful information.

Professor. Dobriana Sidjimova, Ph.
Director of DEOS