Services provided by the DEOS in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers 704/05/10/2018 Annex 4

In connection with the decision of MS 704/05/10/2018 Annex 4, we publish the educational services and documents provided by the DEOS.

An examples of diploma and certificates that DEOS issues

Student Admission Fees for the Preparatory Year:

Bulgarian language BGN 3618,29 per semester
English language $ 4693.99 per semester

Fees are paid to the department’s administration after documents submitted in advance and approved by the Dean.

Bank account for transfer of fees to DEOS MU-Sofia:

Eurobank Bulgaria AD

Address: Sofia, pl. “Bulgaria” No1

IBAN Account BG19BPBI79403163979501

The bank note must contain:
-the student’s name
– occasion of payment

The amount is to be paid at the lev equivalent of the Euro fee at the BNB exchange rate on the day of payment.